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Clarity Coaching and Training
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Anglo American
Ernst & Young
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About us

Who we are
CLARITY Coaching & Training is a transformational training and coaching practice. We help individuals and businesses utilise the considerable power of learning to maximum their effectiveness.

What we do
We help our clients cut through confusion and chaos to get CLARITY on what they need to do, and how to do it. We provide on-going support to ensure goals are achieved.

How we work
Tailor-made approaches and solutions
We recognise your situation is unique - we do not impose stock solutions on your challenges.

Evidence-based practice
We innovate, but are research informed and do not operate with your budget on a wing and a prayer.

Positive psychology, learning & change theory, neuroscience
We synthesise and apply the latest findings with what we have learned from our clients over many years of international practice.

Learning specialists
We focus on learning for success and will refer you if we believe our expertise is not what is needed for your situation - we do not try to be everything to everyone.

Our CLARITY® process
We share our CLARITY and ACHIEVERS models in the coaching and training process. This brings you clarity of purpose, direction and action. We do not keep these as our secret - you take them away to use for life.

Qualified, certified coaches
We hold recognised qualifications in Psychology, Training and Coaching, and are certified coaches and assessors.

Professional ethos and standards
We are active members of the International Coach Federation; European Mentoring & Coaching Council; and American Society of Training & Development. We uphold their Professional Standards and Codes of Conduct.