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Clarity Coaching and Training
The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.

- Alvin Toffler, Author and Futurist

Business Coaching & Training

We offer results-based Coaching & Training for individuals, groups and teams in business who want to maximise their effectiveness.

We recommend a robust Assessment process up front to ensure that Coaching & Training brings a return on investment.

Training is not a one off event. It is a process and and we therefore incorporate an element of coaching into all our training to ensure results.

Training is not a panacea. It is a solution - when changes in knowledge, skills and attitudes will meet a business objective. We therefore assist with a situational diagnosis before suggesting a training intervention. We use our ACHIEVERS model for diagnosing - and preventing - performance problems.

When shared development needs are identified a workshop may be indicated. This always includes a coaching component to ensure transfer of learning. See our Training Courses page for a selection of courses we have designed and run successfully for our clients.

We provide one-to-one training for individuals with a specific need, such as presentation skills. From time to time we offer public workshops.

Transformational coaching is a less directive process than training. The trained coach provides on-going guidance and support to ensure the coachee achieves their goals. Coaching may incorporate an element of training.

  • Leadership - expand leadership effectiveness of successful, new and underperforming leaders
  • Competency - develop strengths and weaknesses of managers, sales and support staff

  • diagnose opportunities for improvement and buy-in for change
  • develop team competencies